Friday, October 31, 2008

Deciding What Cabins You Want on The Cruise Ships

P&O Aurora Cruise Ship Cabin Suite 228

Planning for discount cruise travel involves a number of decisions that will ultimately impact the quality of your vacation and how much enjoyment you get out of the adventure. An integral part of any vacation voyage is deciding on one cruise line from the many cruise ships available to you. In addition, you will need to decide on the type of cabin you want, as well as the location of the cabin on the ship.

When you are browsing through the websites or the brochures for cruise ship travel, you will see that there is always an area that features the layout of the vessel, which outlines the various decks where the passenger cabins are located. Along with the diagrams of the interiors floor plans of the ship, there are usually listings of the different categories of cabins. On very large ships there can be as many as 20 cabin categories, which often makes it very confusing, especially for first-time cruise travelers.

Many times, the discount cruise travel deals only apply to a select number of cabins that are part of a certain classification aboard the cruise ships. For those who have never been cruising before, this aspect can be tricky since you lack the experience to know what the classifications mean, in terms of location and comfort. And, if you choose the wrong cabin class, you could end up trying to sleep as an elevator clangs away right next to your bed.

On most ships, the cheapest cabins, and the ones that are sometimes offered as "hot deals" by some of the discount travel websites, are tiny and barely larger than some people's walk-in closets. These cabins are also generally on the lower levels of the ship and may even be below the waterline, so obviously without portholes. While many people who are more interested in the activities outside their cabin may not be dissuaded by a tiny, windowless cabin, they do need to know about the noise. The lower levels of a ship are very close to the engines and often the roar of the engines can make it very difficult to get any sleep.

However, on the newer ships that are being built today, that is less of a problem, as they are being designed better to avoid this problem. In fact, the new trend that many of the cruise lines are following with the newer ships is laying out the cabins in such a way that all the passengers at least have a port hole. There are even some ships in service now that boast balconies for all cabins, no matter what classification.

This is a great trend for cruise passengers because it helps to assure that any cabin, in any classification, will be comfortable and enjoyable. Having the ability to be in the privacy of your cabin, while relaxing with a cup of coffee or glass of wine on your own verandah, will help to make the cruising experience personal, comfortable and luxurious.

If you are thinking about making your first cruise a quick two-night or three-night trip and you expect to be spending most of your time enjoying the other amenities onboard, then one of the tiny cabins might be the perfect choice if it makes the trip financially possible. However, if you are going on one of the cruise ships for several days or a couple weeks, then you will most likely have times when you will want the privacy of a comfortable cabin that doesn't resemble a sardine can.

If you are thinking about a vacation for you and your family and are looking for some flexibility in the things you do, you have to look into a cruise. You can travel across the ocean to places such as Mexico, Carribean or even the Mediterranean. If the destination is on the water, some cruise line will be on its way. Cruises are great vacations for everyone. The children can discover activities that are fun while adults are getting away for some private time. Fun, sun and water are all the elements you need to have an outstanding vacation.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Considering Sailboat Charters Virgin Islands

Sailboat Charter Video

The Freedom of Sailboat Charters Virgin Islands

There are some incredible charter opportunities that go to exotic places to include the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, and the Florida Keys.  If this sounds like something you might want to do, it is important that you choose a top charter company, one that will show you the trip of a lifetime but in an affordable and safe way.

Most reputable charter companies typically require evidence that the skipper has previous charter experience or is a boat owner of a similar size yacht. Operating a yacht generally needs at least a skipper and one competent crew member.

Then, the staff is professional and skilled, working hard to make your time on the water exceptional.  Although BVI Yacht Charters oversees the operations of these charters, all of the yachts are privately owned.  Even so, you can rest assured knowing that the boats are maintained to high standards and simply beautiful.

Great Sailboat Charter Florida Keys

Sailboat charters Florida Keys wants to insure that all their yacht rentals (Sailboat, Catamaran, and Motor Yachts) are in top sailing condition they realize that is key to a successful holiday experience. The charter company knows their boats, their owners, managers, and captains. They represent private yacht owners that they trust to provide their clients with a quality yacht and friendly, reliable service.

Sailboat Charter Caribbean

Of course, sailboat charter Caribbean is another possibility.  When it comes to a luxury vacation, it never gets better than this.  It is important to know that when you take any of the sailboat charters, you are getting years and years of experience.  This means not only are you getting experience on the water but you are also getting the experience of sheer professionalism.

Charter a Caribbean sailboatcatamaran or monohull yacht and sail the spectacular British Virgin Islands! Crewed or captain only sailing charters and ASA courses are available. Come to the islands and sail in comfort and style aboard one of the finest catamarans or monohull sailboats available for sailboat charters anywhere in the Caribbean!

sailboat charter companies are dedicated to providing their clients with the most detailed information for Caribbean bareboat and crewed charters in the British Virgin Islands. In addition to looking over the extensive specs on each yacht other questions you should ask are: What's included in the charter and will there be additional costs? What to pack for a Caribbean sailing vacation; and what about booking flights to the Caribbean?

You will discover
breathtaking islands and pristine beaches and perhaps find yourself swaying to the rhythm of steel drums at an open air beach bar!  Your top priority is to have a carefree holiday and experience the smooth sailing, laid-back atmosphere of the Caribbean. A yacht vacation will be the best that you have ever had!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Best Cruise Deals: Six Tips for Scoring a Good Deal on a Cruise

Cruising is one of the best ways to spend your vacation, but it often comes at a steep price. Still, if you know a few secrets, you won't have to pay a whole lot to enjoy a trip to your favorite exotic locale. Here are some tips to get a great deal on your next cruise.

There are several different ways that you can save when you are booking. Any one of these options will save you money on your overall cruise costs.

1. First, you can save money by booking your cruise several months in advance. Most cruise lines offer an "early bird discount." You can get these discounts by contacting a cruise line six to nine months before you plan on leaving. This can also help save your budget because you'll have several months to pay off the balance on your account. Instead of paying one lump sum for your cruise, you can make small installment payments.

2.  You can also save money on a cruise by looking for last minute travel deals. Cruise ships don't want to leave the harbor with empty rooms. They will give great bargains in order to get those rooms filled. The closer the departure date gets, the better the price. Cruise lists last minute cruise deals. If you choose your date, start looking a few weeks before the trip. With this method, however, you'll be limited in your cabin choice. You'll have to take what you can get.

3. Another idea is to take a one way cruise. These are offered when a cruise ship is changing port cities for the season. You can take the cruise ship to its new destination and then fly back home when you're done visiting there. Call your favorite cruise line and see if they offer any "repositioning cruises." They can last from a few days to a few weeks and have unique itineraries with lots of days at sea.

4. You can save even more money by traveling as a group. Group cruise packages are often less per person than the costs would be if you cruise alone or as a couple. Gather a group of 8 to 12 people and you may get a break on a room. Split the costs among the entire group and you can all save.

5. There are off-season periods for all of the popular cruise destinations. Don't try to travel during the busy times of year. Early May to late September is off-season for Alaska cruises. European cruises are cheapest before and after summer. Caribbean cruises have the best prices during the month of January. Do a bit of research on the popular times to travel and then plan your trip for an off-peak season.

6. Don't be afraid to consult with a travel agent. Although there is a bit of a belief that travel agents have more expensive rates, a qualified travel agent can find a good deal for you based on your budget. They can be especially helpful if you're going the group route. Instead of trying to organize the arrangements yourself, you can simply let a travel agent do it for you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Trawler Charters

Trawler Charters

The trawler is an awesome boat.  It is known for its roominess and stability.  The next best thing to owning one would be to do a trawler charter.  It is a great way to sail along some of the wonderful coastlines on earth.  Trawler charters are available in the Pacific Northwest and in Florida.  You can also hire a trawler charter in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or in Australia.

Trawler charters have several sizes to choose from.  The 43 foot trawler has all the amenities and power to suit most people's needs.  Your time aboard is guaranteed to be luxurious with a large main salon and full galley.  The flybridge is also large and welcoming and a great place to relax under the large bimini cover.

Three couples or a family would not feel crowded aboard the 43 foot trawler.  With tree staterooms and two full heads with showers everyone would enjoy their own space.  Among the places for sunbathing is the aft deck.  For swimming and snorkeling there is a large transom door that opens to a swim platform.

With the dark wood of the interior walls and cabinets, down to the well maintained wood flooring, the trawler oozes with charm.  Trawler charters are fun and exciting and like no other vacation you have been on before.  Coordinating and booking flights to and from the trawler's location would be the hardest part of the trip.  For a little extra, some charter companies will even do that for you making sure everything falls perfectly into place.

If you are an experienced sailor you may want to do a bareboat charter.  You would be able to pilot the trawler yourself.  The chartering company would have to review your sailing resume.  If you qualify this is a great way to save.

Most of us go on vacation to kick back and relax.  All trawler charters have experienced captains whose resumes are impeccable and available for you to review.  They know the vessel well as well as all the locations you will be visiting.  Leave all the worries to them while you enjoy the view.

The captain assumes responsibility for the trawler and getting you to your locations safely.  The captain is quite knowledgeable of the area he will be navigating and can inform you of the many sights to see and activities to do.  He can let you know what restaurants are good at the various ports of call.

The San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest are varied and beautiful.  You will be able to see an abundance of wildlife such as bear, whales, and eagles.  If you like, you will be able to fish for salmon and halibut, go crabbing, and gather oysters.

If you do not want to go ashore and dine at one of the many restaurants, you can use the fully equipped galley.  You also have the choice of leaving your comfortable stateroom and stay ashore one evening at one of the charming island hotels, at your own expense, of course.

Trawler charter prices would normally include: your fully equipped diesel trawler yacht; with linens and towels; a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain; a fully equipped galley; boat fuel; and dock fees. Meals ashore and taxes are extra. You have full use of the galley while aboard. You may bring your own food and beverages aboard for the cruise.

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