Monday, January 26, 2009

Finding a Caribbean Cruise Ship for your Family

Finding a Caribbean Cruise Ship for your Family

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Years ago cruises were primarily for couples and a few singles. There are more and more families taking cruises together these days. The cruise ship industry has grown into becoming more family friendly by providing many more family oreiented amenities such as programs and activities for children of all ages. Some cruise lines have been quicker to respond than others though. Planning a Caribbean cruise for your family means finding the Caribbean cruise ship that will most closely meet the needs of each member of your family. To help you find the best Caribbean cruise ship for your family read the following tips.

The first thing to do is look for a Caribbean cruise ship that is designed with families in mind. You want to be sure that the cruise ship has a variety of activities to entertain children of all ages. This is particularly important so that your chldren will not become easily bored on the ship and will have an enjoyable experience.You may want to see how many activities and programs each Caribbean cruise ship offers. This will tell you if they cater more toward families or adults. You also might want to check into how the ship handles small children and infants aboard ship and also if they possibly provide babysitting for your convenience.

The ship's dining options are another area that should be checked into when trying to find the perfect cruise. Most parents yould rather not take their small children every night to dine in the large formal dining hall especially because they serve fancy gournet meals which small children do not enjoy. A cruise ship that caters to families will offer dining options that will better fit the needs of children including the food which will be provided. Usually the ship provides a buffet with lots of menu choices where each member of the family can enjoy a scrumptious meal. Some Caribbean cruise ships have programs that allow children to eat with their youth directors so mom and dad can enjoy the gourmet food in the formal dining hall a night or two.

When planning a cruise for the whole family it is wise to do some research to find a Caribbean cruise ship that is family friendly so each member of the family can have an enjoyable experience together.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Caribbean Cruise Line to Choose

Caribbean cruises have become one of the most popular cruises which is why so many cruise lines offer unbelievably great vacation packages. It can be difficult to determine the best Caribbean cruise line to book with. There are some differences in cruise lines that might help you decide which Caribbean cruise is best for you as not all cruise lines are the same. The following tips may help you decide which cruise line is the best choice for you.

The first tip is to check the itinerary of each Caribbean cruise line you are considering. As you look deeped into Caribbean cruises you will see that there are a variety of adventures from which to choose for you and your family.Your can take a cruise that will tour the southern, western, or eastern Caribbean.Cruise lines may vary as to where their stops will be. Make sure the cruise line stops in the areas of the Caribbean you are most interested in sight seeing if this is important to you.

Each cruise line will vary in the excursions that they offer at each port. Cruise lines can vary in what they offer in excursions and activities. They may have activities that are more for adults and couples rather than for families. For this reason your choices of a Caribbean cruise line may be limited.

Some cruise lines have an environment that is suited for families with young children, but others are not. If the cruise is family oriented they will have facitites and programs specifically for children aboard the ship and well as excursions that are suited for families.Adults can enjoy activities and a more tranquil environment on adult only cruises. You can choose the cruise line that will offer the kind of Caribbean cruise you are looking to take by yourself or with your family.

in selecting the best cruise line for you and your family you want to look at what they offer by way of dining preferences. You may find that not every cruise offers optional dining times, they may only have sceduled dining for their passengers. Originally, all cruise ships offered this dining option only. But, these days alternative dining options are being ofered by more and more cruise lines. If you would rather not have a scheduled dining time than you will want to find a cruise line that provides other options.

The final tip to choosing the best Caribbean cruise line is to ask your family and friends who have gone on a Caribbean cruise about their experience. You can also read reviews about certain cruises and cruise lines to help to decide which one will fit your needs. It makes a difference as to what kind of cruising experience you have when you choose the right Caribbean cruise line.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caribbean Yacht Charters offer a Variety of Travel Choices

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There is as much a variety of Caribbean yacht charters as there are Caribbean Islands.  You can choose a particular island or visit a whole chain of islands, pick the custom yacht and put together your personal itinerary as well.  Any traveler, from newlyweds, families, retirees and small groups can find something to fit their likes and needs.

Cruising on Caribbean Yacht Charters will take you to some of the most beautiful tropical islands on the planet.  Whether you are looking for a romantic and relaxing escape or an active swimming, snorkeling and exploring adventure, the Caribbean Islands have it all.  With its turquoise waters, historical sites, deserted white sandy beaches these islands offer every traveler a memorable experience.

Imagine cruising from one island to the next in just a few short hours, being introduced to a variety of cultures and exploring tropical landscapes.  You can do this aboard Caribbean yacht charters and experience almost perfect weather temperatures any time of year.  You will enjoy shopping in delightful outdoor markets, hiking through lush jungles and snorkeling among tropical fish.

The Caribbean offers three very different and unique areas for you to visit: The Virgin Islands, the Leeward Islands, and the Windward Islands, each widely varied and unique.  The US Virgin Island chain includes the larger islands of St Thomas, St John and St Croix.  These and the British Virgin Islands make up the rest of the islands and is a common destination for most visitors to the Caribbean.

Caribbean Yacht Charters will take you to a new island each day and each one may have slight cultural differences and languages for you to experience.  There are three very different and unique areas for you to visit: The Virgin Islands, the Leeward Islands, and the Windward Islands.  The larger islands of St Thomas, St John and St Croix make up the US Virgin Island chain.  The US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands are probably the most common destination for most visitors to the Caribbean.

The Windward Islands at the southern end of the Caribbean Islands stretch from Martinique to Grenada. These islands are an explorers dream with its mountain peaks for hiking, lush greenery and many white sandy beaches.

You may want to break away from the common travel choice and make the Leeward Island chain your destination.  Although this will require cruising on the open sea to get to the island of St Martin, the northern most in this chain, then on to Antigua, then complete the cruise to Dominica, the southern most Leeward Island.  To get the most from this particular itinerary, plan on a two week excursion.

At the southern end of the Caribbean Islands lie the Windward Islands that stretch from Martinique to Grenada.  Lace up your hiking boots and explore its mountain peaks, lush green jungles, then rest on one of the many white sandy beaches.

As with any type of vacation travel arrangements it is advised to plan well in advance to guarantee the availability of dates and yacht choice.  It is just as important to read testimonies from other travelers or get referrals from friends or colleagues.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mediterranean Cruises

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The Mediterranean may not be the first place you would consider to charter a yacht.  But, on the Turkish Rivera there is a coastal  town with cosmopolitan charms called Marmaris, which just twenty years ago was a small fishing village.  Today they have a beautiful harbor boasting of several yachts that are available to charter.  Hiring one of the many Mediterranian cruises available easily venture out into the majestic Mediterranean Sea and explore the many islands, bays and historical villages.

Bodrum Gokova Yacht Cruises offers people the chance to snorkel, sightsee, swim, or simply lie in the sun and enjoy some peace and quiet. The great thing about this particular turkey cruise is that you have two unique options. The first is that you can actually hire the entire yacht. Therefore, for large corporations or people who have a high budget, this would be an option. Otherwise, there are beautiful cabins aboard the yacht to enjoy from three to five days.

Marmaris Fethiye Yacht Cruises
Another option for Turkey cruises is with Marmaris Fethiye Yacht Cruises. One of the great areas to visit is called the Balearic Islands. Located in the western region, this group of islands includes Cabrera, Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca, and Minorca, all fantastic destinations, especially for couples wanting a romantic cruise.

Since Marmaris yacht charters are centrally located on the coast of Turkey you can head out in almost any direction and visit many historical sites in the towns and villages dotting the coast.  Turkey is such a historically rich area filled with interesting archeological discoveries. If you are a Bible buff, you might enjoy visiting some of the regions and islands that the Apostle Paul traveled to and linger awhile ashore and meet descendants of the people he was writing about. You may want to dock in one of the harbors and go on a tour of some of the cave churches and underground cities created by Christians fleeing persecution in the 7th and 8th centuries.  There are also interesting natural geological formations that have been created by volcanoes.  There are several open air museums describing when and how these caves were dug and how the volcanic formations came into being.

Before booking your trip it is always wise to read personal testimonies online from travelers that may have used one of the Marmaris yacht charters.  These online sites will more than likely have resumes of the crew you will hire as well.  You may want to do some research on the area and let your captain know what activities you may want to do or sites you may want to see.  At that time you can let the captain know if you have any special food needs or limitations.  This will make your trip at sea more enjoyable, comfortable and memorable.

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