Saturday, June 28, 2008

Looking For The Best Crewed Charter Yachts

Where to Look for the Crewed Charter Yachts

If you have ever dreamed of taking a vacation aboard a crewed charter yacht but thought it was out of reach, think again. If you do some careful online research you may be able to find a yacht that is affordable but still as luxurious as you had imagined. Charter yachts are available in a variety of locations, some may not be far from your home.

Compare Prices

Compare the charter fees amongst the various yachts that are available. Some charters are all inclusive which means they will take care of everything from picking you up at the airport, all your meals, recreational activities, to getting you home. Then again, some may have hidden costs that you may not have considered which could make one charter seem cheaper but in the end cost more.

Investigate the Charter

Do an online investigation. You don't want any surprises after you have set sail and are in a remote location. Most of the charters will have a website with beautiful photos, captain and crew backgrounds, maybe even some feedback from people who have traveled aboard their charter. Ask questions such as what type of security do they provide, what would happen in the event of a medical emergency?

Other considerations would be: How large of a yacht will you need? Where would you like to sail to? How many people will be traveling with you and how old are they? Yachting is supposed to be relaxing and luxurious, you do not want to be worrying about your children or older friends being safe and comfortable.

Relax, Let the Captain Do the Driving

Ideally you have taking care of all the details months in advance. All you have to do now is count the dolphin swimming along side your private yacht while sampling delicious breakfast fare set out on the lido deck by the quietly attentive crew. Later you will enjoy an afternoon of scuba diving near the shores of a remote island. After your gourmet dinner you can soak in the upper deck's jacuzzi while watching one of the many tropical sunsets you will experience each evening.

The yacht will include all the comforts of home but just a bit more luxurious. Just like in a hotel, your bed will be made and towels laundered so that everything is fresh when enter your cabin each evening. The crew is only visible when you need them. You set the time schedule for the meals to be prepared. Cocktails will be served as you sit on a lounge chair enjoying the sun and tropical breezes.

If you have made all the proper arrangements and asked all the right questions your vacation aboard a privately crewed charter yacht will not be one you will soon forget.


Dave ( said...

A great crewed charter company is Tradewinds thoug I am a bareboat sailer, we have sailed with them in the Grenadines and Belize. Letting them do the driving, cooking, drink mixing, and entertaining makes for a very relaxed vacation. And you can trade your timeshare allocation for a chater experience in the Caribbean or the

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