Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where to Look for the Crewed Charter Yachts

Just imagine cruising the tropical seas aboard your own private yacht charter. If this has been a dream of yours that you would like to make a reality it is recommended that you first do some research. As with anything else word of mouth is always the best testament. If you have a business partner, friend, or family member that has chartered a yacht ask about their experience.

Compare Prices

There are a lot of charter companies and a huge variety of yachts available for charter. The prices are widely varied as well. A basic charter fee will include the use of the yacht and its equipment, crew salary and insurance. Additional expenses would depend upon your destination and number of guests. Some of these expenses would include the fuel, water, dockage, port and cruising taxes, mooring charges, shoreside power etc. There may be specific needs and requests that may increase your costs as well such as the food, wine, beverages, and flowers. Also, the additional cost of getting to the yacht's location may not be included.

Ask for References

Most of these crewed charter yachts have websites. The website should have information on the various yachts they represent. A yacht's specifications and equipment will most likely be listed. You should charter a yacht that is a substantial ocean going vessel that can offer a high level of comfort and sea worthiness. The captain's names should be available with their resumes and those of the rest of the crew. Security is an important issue in today's world. Inquire what precautions they have taken and what type of security they provide. Medical situations could arise and you need to know how their company would handle an emergency situation. This should be an experience of a lifetime so you want to make sure all the bases are covered before you leave port.

Safety and comfort are important issues to address before leaving port. Just as important are the destination, the food, special needs, recreational activities, and the size of the yacht. A yachting vacation should be the trip of a lifetime, relaxing and enjoyable, your every need should be attended to and the location as romantic and beautiful as you had imagined.

Relax, Let the Captain Do the Driving

Ideally you have taking care of all the details months in advance. All you have to do now is count the dolphin swimming along side your private yacht while sampling delicious breakfast fare set out on the lido deck by the quietly attentive crew.  Later you will enjoy an afternoon of scuba diving near the shores of a remote island.  After your gourmet dinner you can soak in the upper deck's jacuzzi while watching one of the many tropical sunsets you will experience each evening.

The yacht will include all the comforts of home but just a bit more luxurious.  Just like in a hotel, your bed will be made and towels laundered so that everything is fresh when enter your cabin each evening.  The crew is only visible when you need them. You set the time schedule for the meals to be prepared. Cocktails will be served as you sit on a lounge chair enjoying the sun and tropical breezes.

If you have made all the proper arrangements and asked all the right questions your vacation aboard a privately crewed charter yacht will not be one you will soon forget.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Amazing Hawaii Yacht Charters

Hawaii Charter Yachts Wedding

There is nothing comparable to being treated as if you are a prince or princess while cruising the stunning turquoise waters of Hawaii. The gentle sway of the sea and the scent of the balmy ocean breezes will put a person in total idle mode. Can you feel it?  Do you want it? Crewed charter yachts and Hawaii yacht charters may be more affordable than you imagine and may not require the whole king's ransom.

Experience the feeling of owning your own yacht without the maintenance and upkeep costs of ownership.Put your money to work for you by learning where to invest it for the best returns

Be treated like a yacht owner by the skillfully trained crew. They will be at your beck and call with just a wave of your hand.

Avoid Crowded Hotels and Large Luxury Liners.

Personalize your vacation however way you like on crewed charter yachts. On huge cruise ships with hundreds of other patrons to attend and cater to, that is not feasible, there is a pre-planned itinerary.

Cordon Bleu trained chefs will cook renown recipes at your request. There are ample recreational water sports such as; snorkeling, water skiing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, etc.

Prior to booking with one of the many crewed charter yachts available with Hawaii yacht charters compare prices, check the captain’s resume as well as the crew’s on the internet.Even the yacht’s specs will be there for you to see. The floor plans will be available to see where you will be sleeping, where the crew is quartered, etc.

It is recommended that you verify with a friend or colleague who could have cruised lately on one of the Hawaii yacht charters listed online. Personal testimonies are always the best advice.

After booking the yacht’s captain will commonly phone you for special desires. At that time you can make known any special foods that you would like prepared or areas you might want to explore. Often times he will meet you at the airport and personally take you to the boat dock.

The knowledgeable trained crew and captain treat you like royalty in a way that is so reserved that you hardly detect them while they are sailing your vessel, preparing your meals, and freshen your room.

So, all you princes and princesses out there, relax and enjoy your massages on the lido deck while drinking martinis (shaking, not stirred) aboard privately crewed charter yachts.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Think about Crewed Charter Yachts For Your Next Hawaii Yacht Charters

Yacht Charter Holidays

How and where would like to spend your dream holiday?  Have you considered chartering a yacht?  Yacht charter holidays are some of the most amazing and memorable vacations ever. The locations are endless.  If you live in a cooler environment you could hire a yacht near a warm tropical island.  The types of yachts available are also quite varied.  There are small vintage yachts to the very large and luxurious modern marvels.

The Captain & Crew

Most charter companies provide fully crewed charter yachts.  The captain and crew are all very experienced and well trained.  At least they should be.  You should check online with the various companies that do yacht charter vacations and they will normally have the resumes of each of the crew accessable for you to consider.  Chefs that have been trained in Cordon Bleu quality schools will also be preparing your world class meals. 

The Yacht

The charter you select will rely on the size of your family or group that will be traveling with you.  Your yacht choice will also rely on your tastes and your budget. The particular charter you choose may or may not be available in the location you would like to spend your vacation. While searching online and comparing prices and fees you will find pictures of each of the charters.  There should be floor plans of the charter also.  It will include the specs and what equipment is available.

Guest Quarters

Some yacht charter holidays are for large groups and you will be introduced to many new people.  The yacht generally has several guest quarters with private baths.  Frequently there will only be one master cabin.  The master cabins will have the better views and larger baths but at a greater cost.  The crew’s cabins are usually located on the lower decks and the highly trained crew is careful to be only visible whilst serving you.


Yacht charter holidays can be almost anywhere in the world your time allows. South Florida yacht charters and Hawaii yacht charters are renown both for weather, deep sea fishing and beauty.  Both of these destinations offer an abundance of amusing activities. Deep sea fishing, water skiing, skin diving and swimming with the fish and turtles just to name a few. 

But, there may be several areas you have never examined.  Turkey is one of those destinations. Marmaris yacht charters and Bodrum yacht cruises are both located on the shore of Turkey.  They have marinas that are conveniently located on the Aegean Sea and near the Mediterranean Sea.  These are both picturesque destinations historically as well as visually.  The crystal blue waters are teaming with aquatic life, reefs, and ruins.  The scuba diving is amazing.  The shopping in the small towns is a bargain hunter’s paradise.

Bon Voyage!

Whenever considering a trip, vacation or holiday, research and planning is key.  Read the testimonials available on most of the websites. Check with a colleague, friend or family member who may have chartered a yacht recently.  Check the weather report.  Whatever yacht and location you choose yacht charter holidays will not disappoint.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Amazing Joy of a Bare Boat Charter to Croatia

Bareboat Charter Croatia

A bareboat charter Croatia gives you the freedom to view the beauty of the Republic of Croatia, known as the land of a thousand islands and a haven for boaters. Yacht charter and all other significant segments of nautical tourism have been brought together under the Croatian Association of Nautical Tourism. This association was established as a professional organization within the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Bareboat Charter Tortola

Your adventure aboard a bareboat charter Tortola will begin just minutes after casting off from the docks, as you find yourself cruising towards an abundance of quiet and protected anchorages. You will discover breathtaking islands and pristine beaches and perhaps find yourself swaying to the rhythm of steel drums at an open air beach bar!

Book with Bareboat Charter BVI

Then, different yacht charters have different price tags. For instance, the cost to take a bareboat Charter BVI may cost a little more than a trip to the Caribbean.  However, you also need to remember that the longer the cruise the more expensive.  Therefore, you can consider all the various places bareboat Charters goes and then look at the cost based on accommodations, length of the trip, excursions, etc.

Planning your bareboat charter BVI and choosing the type of yacht would best accommodate your group is a fun process.  Most companies will have photos of their yachts with floor plans and specs to make your decision a bit easier.  You do want to see what you will be getting for the money.

A bareboat charter is less expensive yet you will receive the same attention with individual chart and boat briefings, making sure that you are completely prepared when you set sail out of the harbor.  The charter company is happy to suggest the best spots to snorkel or share their favorite local restaurants. They will help with planning your itinerary, assisting with provisions, and arranging airport transportation.

If you want to have a great cruise vacation you will have many incredible choices to choose from.  This type of vacation is well suited for the entire family.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Freedom of Bareboat Charters

Bareboat Charters Virgin Islands

The beauty and freedom bare boat charters Virgin Islands is unparalleled. The water is crystal clear with gentle tropical winds and sunshine. Choosing the right charter is key to an enjoyable vacation.

For instance, Bare Boat Charters to Virgin Islands is one of the best in the industry. This company will make sure you are taken to some of the most stunning islands with white sandy beaches possible. All of the Bare Boat Charters to the Virgin Islands include boats that come fully equipped with everything needed.

A bare boat charter yacht handover (yacht orientation) will usually take about an hour. You should be as familiar with the vessel as possible before leaving the dock. The skipper and at least one other member of the crew will be shown the location and how to use and do minor repairs of the yacht's basic equipment.

Great Bareboat Charter Florida Keys

A Bare Boat Charter Florida Keys is another popular choice. The same applies when sailing around the Keys in that you will be treated like royalty. The charter company's staff that prepare the yacht for you are tremendously helpful. After all, this is their livelihood but also their passion so they want to be 100% confident that you will have an amazing time. People who have used Bare Boat Charter Florida Keys agree that there is nothing better.

Bare Boat Charter Caribbean Paradise

There's nothing which compares to a bare boat charter Caribbean sailing or power yacht vacation. All their yachts continue to meet their demanding standards of quality and your expectations of a worry free Caribbean sailing vacation.

There are many different luxury charter companies but finding that one that goes above and beyond is sometimes difficult. However, whether taking a trip to the Virgin Islands, the Florida Keys, or Bare Boat Charter Caribbean, you never have to guess. You know that every trip will be something special and unforgettable, providing you with a lifetime memory to cherish.

Before renting a bare boat charter you want to be assured that the charter company has personally chosen the yachts they feel confident with and will not charter boats that may be past their prime or may not have been properly maintained. Make sure that the staff has personally inspected and "hand picked" each sailboat and motor yacht represented by their charter company.

Since there are so many different options, you need to know what you hope to get out of the vacation experience, which will help you choose the yacht but also the destination.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yacht Charter Miami Provides Yachting At Its Best

Yacht Charter Miami

If you would like an amazing and kick back vacation select charter yacht Miami.  Some of the most beautiful and luxurious yacht charters
available are located in Miami.  From the coast of Miami you will be able to sail to nearby Virginia Key and Key Biscayne and then on to the islands of the Bahamas.

Yacht Charter Miami offers fully crewed charter yachts where you will be treated to world class service even royalty would be envious of.  You have a wide variety of chartering choices whether you are planning a two hour cocktail cruise or a lengthy holiday.  These luxury yachts employ well trained and experienced captains, crew and chefs providing you with the ultimate in safety, security and impeccable service and gourmet meals.

The accommodations aboard these luxury yachts are impressive.  If you are traveling with your family you can choose a yacht that is “kid friendly” that has cabins with bunks in addition to the master cabin.

The master cabins have their own private bathrooms and offer the best views. Some yachts have several “guest suites” that also have private baths.  The crew quarters are commonly discreetly tucked away on the lower decks for the ultimate in privacy.

When sailing the lavish keys and islands located off of the Florida coast you can take advantage of many water activities and equipment provided.  wind surfing,diving, kayaking, water skiing, wave riding and fishing are just a few sports you may want to experience.

Detailed planning is necessary when you are scheduling an event or holiday aboard a yacht charter Miami such as:  Where are you planning your charter?  What type of yacht are you considering?  What date did you have in mind?  How many people will be attending?  What water activities would you like to partake in?  Most importantly, what is your budget?

Yacht charters provide an inclusive rate that includes food, beverages, and all the activities provided while onboard.  The larger luxury yachts operate on a “cost plus all expenses basis” which affords more flexibility with the itinerary and meals.  When researching online you will find all the information on rates and types of yachts available.  There will be photos, yacht specs, equipment available onboard and resumes of the crew.

If you want  an enjoyable and extraordinary yachting vacation, research and planning will be necessary to make your yachting dream come true.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Royal Carribean Cruises - Looking For An Unforgettable Vacation?

Royal Carribean cruises offer a service to take care of all your needs while vacationing, called Gold Anchor Service. On a cruise vacation, you can relax in the topics or see the majestic Alaskan fjords. Forget your everyday cares on a vacation to remember.

Royal Carribean cruises are the answer for people whose lives are hectic and stressful. We all need time to relax and escape our daily routines. And parents are always looking for fun ways to spend more quality time with their families. Royal Carribean cruises are the best way to take an enjoyable and relaxing family vacation.

There are lots and lots of reasons for enjoying Royal Carribean cruises with your family. It doesn't matter if you're traveling with your partner or going single, the reasons are pretty similar. Try to decide which ports you want to see, because Royal Carribean cruises stop at a hundred different ports all over the world. You can choose a cruise that goes to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, or one of many other destinations. You will enjoy sunny days, sand, beaches, and the ocean. Snorkeling in clear blue lagoons, whale watching, submarine excursions and coral reefs. If you ask for it, you will get it.

Royal Carribean cruises travel to numerous exotic locations, and they offer many fun activities to enjoy while you are there. There are activities like mountain biking or hiking, you can explore historical locations and sightsee, or just lay on a sunny beach and relax.

Royal Carribean cruises offer an experience that leads to romance at every turn. You can pick your voyage according to your budget and the type of vacation you want. You can go dancing or do some shopping, get a massage, enjoy a private deck that comes with your suite, or just relax by the pool with a cool drink. Spending time together while holding hands and looking at the ocean waves is exhilarating. Watch the sun set into the horizon while you wait for the stars to come out. Fine dining will come next, after you move into the elegant dining room. Any package on Royal Carribean cruises is well worth the money spent.

Royal Carribean cruises offer so many family activities that your schedule won't allow you to do everything offered. If you have younger children, it's wise to check with the cruise ship before you book, so you will know what activities are available to them. Relax in the comfort and privacy of your own room while your kids enjoy the supervised activities. You can also take your spouse to a themed bar and disco in order to have some romantic time while your children can enjoy monitored activities designed for them. What else do you need to convince you to choose Royal Carribean cruises?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Snap Up a Cruise Special

Years ago taking a cruise was only for the very well to do, but today simply by checking want ads and websites, you can find a cruise special that fits your budget. There are many cruise specials available, whether it's a three-day voyage, five-day, nine-day or even longer.

Many times though you will have to plan your vacation around the dates of a cruise. They are not flexible, but are varied and numerous. You leave when the boat leaves and returns when it does. Following that simple rule you should find a cruise special available when you are ready.

A source of last-minute cruise offerings from a variety of cruise lines is Over a 90-day booking range many discounts are available. You will usually need to book even farther in advance if you're looking to sail on a particular ship or with a certain company.

The Quicker You Go, the Lower the Cost

The best cruise specials may be available when there's a shorter time between booking and sailing, but your choices may be limited. Cruise lines often lower prices to fill staterooms and agencies may lower their price to meet their quota of the number of passengers they are responsible for booking, as the sail date approaches.

For example, an agency may get a set price per person, and so pre-purchases a set number of rooms. If it doesn't sell that number of rooms, the price for what they did sell may go up and the agency will be paying the difference, not the travelers with whom they have a signed deal. It behooves them to sell all the trips even if that involves offering some cruise specials, which means their profit margin will only be a little lower.

You may find a cruise special on a suite instead of an inside room or just the opposite, depending on the importance you place on the type of room you will be in. If you're the type planning to party and spend the majority of your time on deck, then the type of room you sleep in probably won't be that important and some of the best cruise special deals can be found for some of the least expensive rooms. But the bottom line is that if you're looking for a cruise special and can be flexible in your travel dates, there are many to take advantage of.

Years ago taking a cruise was only for the very wealthy, but today simply by checking want ads and websites, you can find a cruise special that's within your budget. To check out more no cost articles on cruises visit,