Friday, October 31, 2008

Deciding What Cabins You Want on The Cruise Ships

P&O Aurora Cruise Ship Cabin Suite 228

Planning for discount cruise travel involves a number of decisions that will ultimately impact the quality of your vacation and how much enjoyment you get out of the adventure. An integral part of any vacation voyage is deciding on one cruise line from the many cruise ships available to you. In addition, you will need to decide on the type of cabin you want, as well as the location of the cabin on the ship.

When you are browsing through the websites or the brochures for cruise ship travel, you will see that there is always an area that features the layout of the vessel, which outlines the various decks where the passenger cabins are located. Along with the diagrams of the interiors floor plans of the ship, there are usually listings of the different categories of cabins. On very large ships there can be as many as 20 cabin categories, which often makes it very confusing, especially for first-time cruise travelers.

Many times, the discount cruise travel deals only apply to a select number of cabins that are part of a certain classification aboard the cruise ships. For those who have never been cruising before, this aspect can be tricky since you lack the experience to know what the classifications mean, in terms of location and comfort. And, if you choose the wrong cabin class, you could end up trying to sleep as an elevator clangs away right next to your bed.

On most ships, the cheapest cabins, and the ones that are sometimes offered as "hot deals" by some of the discount travel websites, are tiny and barely larger than some people's walk-in closets. These cabins are also generally on the lower levels of the ship and may even be below the waterline, so obviously without portholes. While many people who are more interested in the activities outside their cabin may not be dissuaded by a tiny, windowless cabin, they do need to know about the noise. The lower levels of a ship are very close to the engines and often the roar of the engines can make it very difficult to get any sleep.

However, on the newer ships that are being built today, that is less of a problem, as they are being designed better to avoid this problem. In fact, the new trend that many of the cruise lines are following with the newer ships is laying out the cabins in such a way that all the passengers at least have a port hole. There are even some ships in service now that boast balconies for all cabins, no matter what classification.

This is a great trend for cruise passengers because it helps to assure that any cabin, in any classification, will be comfortable and enjoyable. Having the ability to be in the privacy of your cabin, while relaxing with a cup of coffee or glass of wine on your own verandah, will help to make the cruising experience personal, comfortable and luxurious.

If you are thinking about making your first cruise a quick two-night or three-night trip and you expect to be spending most of your time enjoying the other amenities onboard, then one of the tiny cabins might be the perfect choice if it makes the trip financially possible. However, if you are going on one of the cruise ships for several days or a couple weeks, then you will most likely have times when you will want the privacy of a comfortable cabin that doesn't resemble a sardine can.

If you are thinking about a vacation for you and your family and are looking for some flexibility in the things you do, you have to look into a cruise. You can travel across the ocean to places such as Mexico, Carribean or even the Mediterranean. If the destination is on the water, some cruise line will be on its way. Cruises are great vacations for everyone. The children can discover activities that are fun while adults are getting away for some private time. Fun, sun and water are all the elements you need to have an outstanding vacation.

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