Monday, December 29, 2008

Charter Yacht Insurance

Renting a yacht for a few short hours is becoming quite a common occurrence and it is often from these short excursions that people think it is a good idea to rent for a greater period. Although this is great to do, there are a few factors that you will have to take into consideration; one of those factors is yacht insurance and when it comes to chartering a private yacht, many people who do not even realize that they need to have insurance for themselves.

Of course insurance is recommended for any pursuit just like this and whilst many people do not see the need when they are only using the yacht for a few hours, this is not the same as a week or two week vacation where travel insurance must be taken out for the party. Many people mistakenly believe they are fully protected and do not need travel insurance as they have already arranged insurance cover when they chartered the yacht.

The charter yacht insurance that was arranged is purely for incidents involving the vessel and the crew so anyone on guest on board and their personal possessions are not covered by this. There is usually very little that goes wrong on these chartered yachts and most trips are uneventful but what if you did need to claim and had decide against travel insurance?

Have you considered how much money would be lost if the trip was cancelled for instance; something which travel insurance can cover. While it is nice to have these types of travel insurance packages, there are certain types of coverage that you will want to have some of which are mentioned here.

The number one priority of your travel insurance should be accidental death and although this is highly unlikely, do you want to chance this? Accidents, although unlikely can be much more serious when at sea and delays can occur when medical assistance is required. Perhaps you now understand just why accidental death cover is so important when you arrange travel insurance.

As often as not, personal possessions are something that is often claimed for so you will need to make sure you travel insurance covers these to a high enough level. You will need to ensure the travel insurance cover for personal belongings will cover the cost of replacement as many items we carry with us are expensive and no-one knows if they could be lost, stolen or damaged during the trip.

When examining this type of coverage, it is important that you thoroughly examine the fine print as many insurance providers limit the amount of money you are able to be reimbursed in the event that your baggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Despite the possible amount of cover required travel insurance is usually good value and should not be overlooked to save costs.

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