Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where to Look for the Crewed Charter Yachts

Just imagine cruising the tropical seas aboard your own private yacht charter. If this has been a dream of yours that you would like to make a reality it is recommended that you first do some research. As with anything else word of mouth is always the best testament. If you have a business partner, friend, or family member that has chartered a yacht ask about their experience.

Compare Prices

There are a lot of charter companies and a huge variety of yachts available for charter. The prices are widely varied as well. A basic charter fee will include the use of the yacht and its equipment, crew salary and insurance. Additional expenses would depend upon your destination and number of guests. Some of these expenses would include the fuel, water, dockage, port and cruising taxes, mooring charges, shoreside power etc. There may be specific needs and requests that may increase your costs as well such as the food, wine, beverages, and flowers. Also, the additional cost of getting to the yacht's location may not be included.

Ask for References

Most of these crewed charter yachts have websites. The website should have information on the various yachts they represent. A yacht's specifications and equipment will most likely be listed. You should charter a yacht that is a substantial ocean going vessel that can offer a high level of comfort and sea worthiness. The captain's names should be available with their resumes and those of the rest of the crew. Security is an important issue in today's world. Inquire what precautions they have taken and what type of security they provide. Medical situations could arise and you need to know how their company would handle an emergency situation. This should be an experience of a lifetime so you want to make sure all the bases are covered before you leave port.

Safety and comfort are important issues to address before leaving port. Just as important are the destination, the food, special needs, recreational activities, and the size of the yacht. A yachting vacation should be the trip of a lifetime, relaxing and enjoyable, your every need should be attended to and the location as romantic and beautiful as you had imagined.

Relax, Let the Captain Do the Driving

Ideally you have taking care of all the details months in advance. All you have to do now is count the dolphin swimming along side your private yacht while sampling delicious breakfast fare set out on the lido deck by the quietly attentive crew.  Later you will enjoy an afternoon of scuba diving near the shores of a remote island.  After your gourmet dinner you can soak in the upper deck's jacuzzi while watching one of the many tropical sunsets you will experience each evening.

The yacht will include all the comforts of home but just a bit more luxurious.  Just like in a hotel, your bed will be made and towels laundered so that everything is fresh when enter your cabin each evening.  The crew is only visible when you need them. You set the time schedule for the meals to be prepared. Cocktails will be served as you sit on a lounge chair enjoying the sun and tropical breezes.

If you have made all the proper arrangements and asked all the right questions your vacation aboard a privately crewed charter yacht will not be one you will soon forget.

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