Sunday, September 21, 2008

Amazing Hawaii Yacht Charters

Hawaii Charter Yachts Wedding

There is nothing comparable to being treated as if you are a prince or princess while cruising the stunning turquoise waters of Hawaii. The gentle sway of the sea and the scent of the balmy ocean breezes will put a person in total idle mode. Can you feel it?  Do you want it? Crewed charter yachts and Hawaii yacht charters may be more affordable than you imagine and may not require the whole king's ransom.

Experience the feeling of owning your own yacht without the maintenance and upkeep costs of ownership.Put your money to work for you by learning where to invest it for the best returns

Be treated like a yacht owner by the skillfully trained crew. They will be at your beck and call with just a wave of your hand.

Avoid Crowded Hotels and Large Luxury Liners.

Personalize your vacation however way you like on crewed charter yachts. On huge cruise ships with hundreds of other patrons to attend and cater to, that is not feasible, there is a pre-planned itinerary.

Cordon Bleu trained chefs will cook renown recipes at your request. There are ample recreational water sports such as; snorkeling, water skiing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, etc.

Prior to booking with one of the many crewed charter yachts available with Hawaii yacht charters compare prices, check the captain’s resume as well as the crew’s on the internet.Even the yacht’s specs will be there for you to see. The floor plans will be available to see where you will be sleeping, where the crew is quartered, etc.

It is recommended that you verify with a friend or colleague who could have cruised lately on one of the Hawaii yacht charters listed online. Personal testimonies are always the best advice.

After booking the yacht’s captain will commonly phone you for special desires. At that time you can make known any special foods that you would like prepared or areas you might want to explore. Often times he will meet you at the airport and personally take you to the boat dock.

The knowledgeable trained crew and captain treat you like royalty in a way that is so reserved that you hardly detect them while they are sailing your vessel, preparing your meals, and freshen your room.

So, all you princes and princesses out there, relax and enjoy your massages on the lido deck while drinking martinis (shaking, not stirred) aboard privately crewed charter yachts.

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