Saturday, November 8, 2008

Boat Shows Near You

If you are looking for a boat trader or boat show that you can go to where you will be able to take in the wonderful sights of beautiful boats or even discover a new boat that you can purchase if this is what you are interested in, there are a number things specifically that you should be aware of.

Toronto International Boat Show

If you live in, or are planning a trip to Canada, the Toronto International Boat Show is a great option. Between January 10-18 is when it takes place so make your reservations early, and the Toronto in-water boat show takes place between the 11-14th in September of this year.

They will be featuring some of the top brand names in the world, these include Bayliner, Bennington, Bluewater Yachts, Campion, Carver, Chaparral, Chris Craft, Cobalt, Craig Cat, Crownline, Cruisers, Edge Water, Four Wins, Grady White, Key West, Key West, Larson, Lazzara, and Lund.

Southampton Boat Show

The Southampton Boat show cannot be missed. Last year’s show saw over 127,000 visitors discover exciting new features and explore the thousand plus boats on display, and this year they expect even more.

These are just two of the many different boat shows that you can go to, whether you are interested in buying a boat or not. Make sure that you check to see what different boat shows are in your area because obviously these are going to be easier to get to than those that are farther away.

However at the same time where you live will have a huge effect on the different shows that are going to be accessible to you, if you do not live near a body of water, it's highly likely you will need to plan a trip.

If you are looking for a sweet new boat, these boat shows are an fabulous idea, irregardless of the make or model. Just make sure that you take your time and check out all the different boats at the show before deciding on any particular one, because although one may seem like the perfect one at the time, you may just find another one that you like better at the end.

Take your friends and family and really have a great time at the show, and even if you don’t find a boat to purchase at least you will enjoy yourself.

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