Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Magical Disney Cruise Vacations Add Value To Families Lives

Disney Cruise Line

If you have been thinking about taking a wonderful cruise vacation but are not sure which cruise line to choose or where to go, then you might want to consider a Disney cruise. Disney brings their magical touch and attention to detail to the high seas on their custom-built ships. Not only are Disney cruises appropriate for families with young children, but passengers of all ages will find a diverse selection of things to do while onboard.

There is no doubt that children and Disney go hand-in-hand. They will have the time of their lives on a Disney inspired cruise and will be constantly engaged in fun activities that will keep them interested. There are also entertainment options and activities designed just for the adults. And, because the kids are kept happily busy with their activities, the parents can also enjoy their time and relax knowing that the kids are safe and enjoying themselves. Of course, there are also many things that families can enjoy doing together which will create great lasting memories.

Currently there are only two Disney Cruise liners in their fleet, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder. These amazing ships were built to the demanding standards of Disney and were patterned after the grand luxury ocean liners that frequently crossed the Atlantic and Pacific in the early 1900's, and they feature art-deco style appointments throughout. In addition, Disney will soon be bringing two additional ships into their fleet to help keep up with customer demand and ease booking backlogs.

Both of these ships also boast a number of innovations true to the Disney approach to doing things well and with unique touches. One of these innovations is the way that they rotate their guests through a series of their restaurants during each cruise, so that not only is the food unique each day but so are the surroundings. In addition, you will also find reservation-only specialty restaurants that you can choose to dine in, as an option.

Because Disney is such a family oriented company, you will find that the cabins have all been designed in a family-friendly way. They are more spacious, by about 25%, than what you will find on other cruise lines, and they include clever touches in the cabins to make it easier for the kids and the parents to have their own space. Also, more than 70% of the cabins have a porthole or a verandah which helps passengers avoid feeling claustrophobic.

Taking the cruise by Disney has been referred to as taking a vacation on a floating theme park. Each ship has four different theme restaurants, a "district" that features many entertainment options for the adults, a retail shopping area, a Broadway-style theater with live shows, and also a movie theater. In addition, there are three pools, a spa center that covers more than 9,000 square feet, and over 15,000 square feet of territory that is strictly devoted to entertaining the kids.

The small Disney Cruise fleet currently calls Cape Canaveral, Florida, it's home port and is only an hour from Disney World. This proximity provides a terrific opportunity for families to enjoy the hospitality of Disney both on land and on sea. While you can book reservations separately, Disney offers some very attractive packages that combine the best of both worlds.

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